Yoco Neo Touch Review | Is It The Right Machine For You?

yoco neo touch review - yoco speedpoint

In this card machine review article, I review the Yoco Neo Touch card machine in depth,

I highlight its compelling features in comparison with other existing Yoco card machines, especially the Yoco Khumo, where it can be hard to tell the difference.

You’ll also learn why this card machine is arguably the best standalone card machine to start with or upgrade to if you have an older non-standalone Yoco card machine (Yoco Go or Yoco Pro for example).

If you’d like to buy one, We also provide you the latest pricing details and how you can get this Yoco card machine at a discount plus free delivery gift from Yoco.

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What is Yoco Neo Touch and How it works?

The Yoco Neo Touch is the latest addition to the Yoco MPOS card machine lineup, introduced in July 2023 as a fully standalone card machine.

It works as a fully standalone card machine.

Fully standalone means this card machine works entirely on its own and without the need to be paired with a smartphone or a Point Of Sale (POS) system.

yoco neo touch card machine how it works

Compared to its predecessor, the Yoco Khumo launched in October 2021, the Neo Touch is a more compact version, but equally capable.

You can think of the Neo Touch as the smaller yet most affordable version of the Yoco Khumo.

When deciding between the Neo Touch and the Khumo, consider the minor differences, as one might be more suitable for your specific needs.

See the differences below:

How it works: The Neo Touch features a 4-inch touchscreen interface with all known versatile payment options, including card insert, swipe, tap with a card, or tap with a phone or smartwatch.

It comes with a universal 4G SIM card, which allows you to use your preferred network between MTN, Vodacom and Telkom Mobile. in addition to WiFi and hotspot connectivity.

Play Video about yoco neo touch video thumbnail

In terms of card acceptance, the Neo Touch accommodates major South African debit and credit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, SASSA, and AMEX, or takes the same types of cards as in the Yoco Khumo versions (other touchscreen versions).

Though AMEX cards are only used by 1% card holders in South Africa, it is important to understand that not all Yoco card machines accept AMEX cards.

To best understand how it fits into the Yoco card machine’s pie. Here’s a quick breakdown on how yoco card machines actually compare/work: ✅

As you can see, the Yoco Neo Touch is basically a blend of what would come out if you mix the design perks and benefits of the Yoco Khumo range (standalone touchscreen versions) and the Yoco Neo range (standalone POS or countertop card machine).

Plus at an in-between price purchase price point.

Who is it for? The Neo Touch is ideal for small and large businesses, with the exception that it lacks a built-in printer.

With the Neo Touch, You can only send receipts to customers for free via SMS and email.

Overall, the Neo Touch offers fast payment processing and the flexibility to accept payments anywhere without relying on a smartphone or a POS system.

Yoco Neo Touch Price and Discount

At the moment, The Neo Touch costs R799 (Or R699 with a R100 first time buyer’s discount). When it was first first introduced, it was priced at R899.

As you can see. It is slightly cheaper than all other standalone card reader machines that came before it. i.e Yoco Khumo, Khumo Print, Yoco Neo and Neo Plus.

According to Yoco, the current price of R799 is a “Limited Time Offer”, implying that this price may be be adjusted anytime from now.

If you are interested in buying one today, there’s good news – Yoco is enhancing the deal with a 🎁referral discount of R100 on top of the Neo Touch’s price, along with free delivery and setup assistance service.

This means you end up getting it for only R699. See pricing and discount details below. ✅

How to order the Neo Touch:

To order the Neo Touch at a Discount, you will need to sign up and create a merchant account on Yoco’s website. Here is a direct link to Yoco’s registration page.

If you are registering with Yoco for the first time, your discount will be automatically allocated when you get finalise the registration and complete your purchase.

The coupon for your discount is already included in the registration link. You’ll see the discount automatically added before checkout.

Delivery of the card machine is totally free and takes about 2-3 business days depending on where your delivery address/location.

Yoco Neo Card machine Features, Design and Specs

The Neo Touch spots an iconic new squre design that is probably the most practical we’ve ever seen.

It is highly portable and small enough to fit into everyone’s pockets. About half the size of a smartphone or a really tiny iPad.

This card machine is meant to help you make transactions all day from just a single charge. To be specific, up to 400 transactions on a single charge.

It has a high capacity battery and also comes with a free charging base. Helping you save on buying extras and reducing cable clutter at your paystation.

Here’s a list of all Neo Touch features: ✅

Yoco Neo Touch Features

Neo Touch Unboxing - What's in the box?

Yoco Neo Card Machine Review – Is it the right card machine for you?

The answer is a bit of a “yes and no,” here’s why:

Reasons for “Yes”:

  • It is very capable for use at very busy checkout points as a standalone card machine, with an impressive modern design, and very user friendly interface.
  • You will not experience any compromises to battery life since it’s always wirelessly charging from its docking compartment that comes that is included in the package.
  • Once the battery is fully charged, you can use it all day long without the need to recharge.
  • Overall, it is a modern, sleek card machine that saves you some bucks, It is newer, and highly capable.

Reasons for “Probably not”:

As for reasons for “Probably not”, it will only make sense if we compare its features with other Yoco machines to help you decide.

Don’t worry, I’ll only focus on essential points without overwhelming you with technical details.

1. Compared to the Yoco Khumo and Khumo Print

The Yoco Neo Touch and the Yoco Khumo share many similarities as if one is just a bigger or scaled up version of the other.

However, there are some small tradeoffs that may affect your choice down the line, especially for larger businesses. Here are couple of aspects are worth noting:

1.1 Product Catalogues and Staff switching (Most Important).

The Neo Touch does not support product catalogues and staff switching like the Yoco Khumo.

Therefore, the Yoco Neo is an ideal choice if you only need a device strictly meant for card processing and without the need for advanced sales management features.

Hence I recommend the Yoco Khumo↗ or Khumo Print↗ if you need a card machine that can load all your products into the card machine and record sales by different cashiers.

1.2. Size and Outer Design Preferences

The Yoco Neo Touch boasts a compact size, about half the size of a smartphone, with a smaller screen surface area.

Overall, I wouldn’t say either of the two designs suck. It is just important to note that one is smaller than the other.

1.3. Price and Savings

The Neo Touch comes with a slight price advantage, costing around R200 – R300 less than the Yoco Khumo.

So, if you’re keen on saving while investing in a standalone card machine, the Neo Touch takes the lead in affordability.

Final Verdict: Neo Touch vs Yoco Khumo

Though both card machines will be perfect for most small businesses, the Neo Touch is remains the best purchase for budget or for a start.

For larger business owners and those with multiple staff members, I’d say apply the concept “Bigger is Better” to choose.

Overal, the Yoco Khumo has a little bit more to offer in direct comparison, hence its slightly higher price.

2. Compared to the Khumo Print

Since the Khumo Print is basically the standard Yoco Khumo with a built in printer. The only difference here is that Yoco Neo Touch doesn’t have a built-in printer.

Therefore, If you require a card machine with built-in printing capabilities, then the Khumo Print or Neo Plus might be more suitable for your business.

3. Compared to the Yoco Neo

Here’s how the Yoco Neo Touch stacks up against the classic Yoco Neo in various categories:

3.1. Point of Sale Integrations (most important)

The Yoco Neo Touch is fully standalone card machine. Meaning you can only do everything in the card machine without being able to pair it with Yoco POS or any supported POS systems.

The Yoco Neo on the other hand, does both: Use as a standalone or connect to Yoco POS and supported POS systems to build a cashier’s till.

Therefore, the Yoco Neo will be the best option if you are considering expanding your paystation setup to include other peripherals such as cash drawers, barcode scanners, receip printers etc.

3.2. Amex Card Support

The Neo Touch supports AMEX debit and credit cards, while the Yoco Neo does not.

3.3. Touchscreen vs. Non-touchscreen

The Yoco Neo Touch has a modern touchscreen interface, perfect for those who are digitally inclined or have tech-savvy employees.

On the other hand, the classic Yoco Neo features a mechanical touchpad with an overall design similar to any traditional speedpoint credit card machine.

Though the design elements of these card machines will not affect how you operate the card machine,

I advise going with the classic Yoco Neo if you operate in environments where you’d feel much better off with a non-touchscreen device. e.g some local pubs and clubs, expos and events, car washes with eating places etc.

3.4. Price

The Yoco Neo Touch comes in at a more budget-friendly price, about R500 less than the standard Yoco Neo or approximately R1500 less than the Yoco Neo Plus (with printer compatibility).

Neo Touch
Yoco Neo Plus

Final Verdict: Neo Touch vs Yoco Neo

The Yoco Neo Touch is a desirable option for its simplified modern desing, AMEX support, and cost-effectiveness.

However, the classic Yoco Neo still holds the upperhand by being both a standalone card machine that supports POS integration capabilities.

Therefore, if POS integrations or a mechanical touchpad are essential for your business, consider the classic Yoco Neo over the Neo Touch.

4. Compared to the Yoco Go

Lastly, Here’s how the Yoco Neo Touch compares to the Yoco Go:

4.1. Standalone vs. Phone Pairing

The Yoco Neo Touch operates as a fully standalone card machine, independent of any smartphone pairing. Yoco provides mobile data and SIM card for use at R49/month.

The Yoco Go, on the other hand, requires pairing with a smartphone via Bluetooth and doesn’t come with its own SIM card.

The Yoco Go basically uses the mobile network connection or WiFi from your phone when they’re paired via Bluetooth.

4.2. Point of Sale Integrations

The Yoco Go supports POS integrations and is the more budget-friendly option for businesses seeking this capability.

4.3. Amex Card Support

Similar to the previous comparisons, the Neo Touch supports AMEX cards, whereas the Yoco Go does not.

4.4. Price

The Yoco Neo is priced about R300 higher than the Yoco Go, but as the price difference isn’t substantial, it shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor.

Final Verdict: Neo Touch vs Yoco Go

If you prioritise standalone capabilities and swift transactions, the Yoco Neo Touch is the ideal choice, especially for fast-paced environments like retail stores and restaurants.

For those who require POS integrations using the cheapest Yoco card machine, the Yoco Go is the only option for it.

That said, choose between the Neo Touch and Yoco Go according to whether your business needs POS integrations or not, not necessarily because of price.

Neo Touch FAQs:

Yoco Neo Touch Fees

Just like any other Yoco card machine, you only pay the once-off purchase fee to own the card machine and there are no monthly rental or contract fees.

The only fees paid are a small per-transaction fee of 2.6% – 2.95% excluding VAT. Here is more details on How Yoco Transaction Fees Actually Work.

How to Use Yoco Card Machine

Using the Yoco Neo Touch is easy. Simply power it on, select the payment option, insert or tap the card, and follow the on-screen prompts. Voilà! Your transaction is complete.

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